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Welcome to the East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club. The club was founded in March 2012 to bring together Amateur Astronomers from around the Lincolnshire area to enjoy the wonderful dark skies of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

                                             THE GEMINIDS 2023

With any Meteor shower dark skies are a must for the best viewing.
Find yourself a comfortable lounger/chair, a blanket comes in very handy. 

The Geminids are active now through Dec 24, but activity will peak between Dec 13 and 14. They are considered by some as one of the best cosmic shows of the year.
If weather allows and conditions are perfect, they could have be been observed from Sunday (Nov 26th).


Generally, all meteor showers occur when Earth passes through debris trails left by comets. The debris that collides with our atmosphere disintegrates into these colourful small lights that we call meteors. 

But Geminid meteor shower is a bit different and doesn’t originate from a comet, but rather from an asteroid.

Geminids raditate from the area     around Castor in the East. 
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