Welcome to the East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club. The club was founded in March 2012 to bring together Amateur Astronomers from around the Lincolnshire area to enjoy the wonderful dark skies of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

         In Northern skies.

Comet Neowise July 2020  

Images care of Paul Cotton
Comet Neowise top right of image with Noctilucent clouds
Comet neowise
Comet Neowise

                              The Neutron Star                        
A Tablespoon of Neutron star weighs more than 1 billion tons (900 billion kg). So while you could lift a spoonful of our Star (The Sun), A tablespoon of the Sun, depending on which part you get it from, would weigh about 5Lbs (2.2 kg) — you cannot lift a spoonful of neutron star.
Most Neutron Stars are seen as Pulsars. The fastest known pulsar is PSR J1748-2446ad and rotates at a speed of 716 times per Second. At its equator it is moving at 156585.54044381 Mph and has a Radius of approximately 10.5 miles