On the Darker nights meeting are on a Saturday close to the New             Moon. In summer with the lighter nights they move to every 3rd

       Non club members are very welcome to join us on any
       of the club meetings.
       There is a small 
charge per Person of £3 when there is       
       no talk taking place and £5 when a talk is taking place.                              Tea/Coffee and Biscuits are provided within that price. 

       Doors open 7.30.
       Please check our FB page for any late changes on the day . 

      On Observing nights we still meet at the hall.
      Getting outside for some observing at the back of the hall 
      or up at badger Farm is always an option after a talk as taken      
Badger Farm site Advice.

Please be aware that Badger Farm our observing site is grassed  gently sloping area but also uneven under foot in places and of course Dark . Please do wear suitable footwear with good ankle support for your own safety.

Any light brought should preferably please be 
Red and not be the super bright LED to save night vision being effected.

                                             Meeting Dates 2022.

      Jan 8th     -  Viewing Night

      Feb 5th     -  Viewing Night                   

      Mar 5th     -  Viewing Night                   

      Apl 2nd     -  Viewing Night

      May 7th     -  Viewing Night

      Jun 25th    -   Hall meeting

      Jul 23rd     -   Hall meeting

      Aug 27th    -  Hall Meeting

       Further Dates to be announced.



Scamblesby Village Hall,

South Street,



Lincolnshire, LN119XF.


Badger Farm, Asterby Lane, Asterby, Nr Louth,

LN11 9UE.

Moon Rise at Badger Farm

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