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We are a small very informal club that meets monthly at Scamblesby Village Hall. We have a number of speakers during the year normally in the lighter evenings with observing sessions afterwards weather and light permitting, along with our dedicated viewing sessions.

We are very lucky to have a good selection of scopes through our members these Range from 5 to 20” of various types, visitors are very welcome to take advantage of these where they have been brought along.


If you have a telescope and require help setting it up Collimation (Alignment of the mirrors in the Telescope) Ect or finding you are having problems with its operation please bring it along we will gladly help you with it.

Although primarily an observing club, we do have plenty of members who enjoy the photography side of this wonderful hobby. There is if needed help and advice from them for anybody looking at starting out on this aspect of astronomy or the more experienced looking for a little help. For those of you with that knowledge any help you are happy to offer would be very welcome indeed and of course very much appreciated.

The clubs primary viewing area is at Badger farm a beautiful open dark sky site which as a Bortle Scale class 4 rating this is a very short drive from the hall. For those that have some mobility issues there is a ramp at the front of the hall and help is available if required, also at our viewing area there is a hard standing car park where we can set up a telescope to help you with observing. Unfortunately the grassed area at the rear of the hall is no longer available. But please if you have any concerns about mobility just let us know we will accommodate you as much as is possible we really do want everyone to enjoy the night sky.

We also have impromptu sessions when those elusive clear skies show themselves, these will be announced on our Facebook page ( East Lincolnshire Astronomy Club.) Everyone is very welcome to join us, there is no fee for these sessions, come along and have a look with us.  

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